Another year is over and a brand new year has begun. This means; While writing the date of that day in a document or a text, we will probably write 2022 instead of 2023 by mistake and we will correct it as 2023 by laughing at ourselves. Who doesn’t this happen to? At the beginning of the new year, another situation that is encountered as frequently as this situation is to make good wishes for the new year and set goals. Some set financial goals, others determine how many books to read or how many cities to visit. Some take the first steps to acquire new hobbies, and some take important decisions for their personal health. These health-related decisions are usually about losing weight or eating healthy. But that these steps in terms of health, although they are good starting steps, are insufficient. Without sports and exercise, your health will always be a little lacking. That’s why we recommend that you take an interest in outdoor fitness and/or calisthenics to add to your New Year’s goals. Now, let’s go a little deeper into this subject.

We already know the positive effects of sports and exercise on our body since childhood. But do you know how beneficial it is for your body to do sports with outdoor fitness and calisthenics? Scientific studies show that by doing sports, you can increase your body’s resistance to protect from many cardiovascular diseases, many types of cancer, mood disorders, feelings of anxiety, type 2 diabetes and numerous physiological and psychological disorders. If you do sports in places such as outdoor fitness equipment and calisthenics area, your benefit from vitamin D will increase, especially since you do sports outdoors and in natural light. There are scientific studies that show that your sleep quality increases with the effect of open air. Outdoor Fitness and Calisthenics areas are open 24/7 and are accessible. If your primary goal is to lose weight while exercising in these areas, calisthenics are better for burning calories. Exercising in calisthenics fields can help you lose weight and lose body fat. This is because you use a lot of movement in this activity using your own body weight and gravity. The more calories you burn, the more weight you lose. Outdoor fitness equipment and calisthenics not only help people have stronger bodies and a better posture, all of the exercises also stimulate hormones in the brain that promote better moods. So to sum it up, regular exercise is very beneficial for your brain and body, including increased circulation and reduced depression rates. Besides; When you combine it with sports exercises while spending time outdoors in nature, you will increase its health benefits.

As we tried to detail above, if you plan to add regular exercise to your 2023 goals by the start of the new year, we think you are on the right track. We are at your side with our increasing number of outdoor fitness equipment and calisthenics areas in order to help you reach your goals. You can find all the detailed information about our products here. You can also access our reference list here to take a look at our sports area closest to you.

In order to enter many more new years with health and to realize your goals, do not miss sports and exercises from your life. We wish the new year brings you all the beauties you desire and all your wishes come true.