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The German based company SAYSU®, located in Bad Vilbel near Frankfurt, is focused on the development, manufacturing and distribution of outdoor fitness equipment.

Playful movement

Our innovative fitness equipment is especially designed to provide improved health through different forms of exercise almost without age-limitation. It creates the opportunity to exercise outdoors on your own or within a group environment. No membership fees and no trading hours mean you can now exercise whenever you want and at a pace that is controlled by you. Playfully you can improve your cardiovascular system, strengthen and loosen your muscles and enhance your general feeling of well-being.

Scientifically Proven

Apart from these idealistic reasons, we are very aware of the economic aspects that speak in favor of SAYSU® Outdoor Fitness Equipment. The use of the SAYSU® Outdoor Fitness Equipment lowers medical costs and increases the attractiveness of public parks etc. and thus stimulates tourism.


We offer you well-proven fitness equipment of best quality, which you can order in powdercoated zinc phosphated or stainless steel. The users of our outdoor fitness equipment enjoy the efficient possibility to improve mobility and endurance and so to keep fit. The wide acceptance of SAYSU® Outdoor Fitness Equipment in all age groups is a sure sign of the success of our concept.

Health Promotion

We are proud to be contributing towards improving the populations health and encouraging people to become more active up to an old age.