Whether you are interested in Outdoor Fitness or Calisthenics, you must first establish and maintain your general fitness foundation. In order to do this, there are many factors that support each other, mainly nutrition and sleep. It should not be forgotten that in order to get the most out of Outdoor Fitness and Calisthenics, your foundation must first be solid.

If your goal is to be fit in every way, walking a few hundred meters a day, a few sit-ups and exams, and a few stretches can be a good foundation, but it’s not enough. Because if you really want to be fit, healthy and strong, your body expects you to do more. Maybe you have started Outdoor Fitness, Calisthenics or other types of sports in the past but could not continue. Here are a few factors that will help you start sports again and increase your motivation:

1. Nutrition Factor

Although there is no clear statistical data, as many authorities and athletes say, you actually strengthen your body by eating and paying attention to what you eat. The number of people who say this is so great that it would not be an exaggeration to say that the nutritional factor in strengthening the body has a share of 50%. For the reason that the rate was so high, we decided to put the “Nutrition Factor” at the top of the list.

Our most important recommendation for nutrition will be that you consult a specialist first. According to your body and blood values, the most suitable nutrition method can be offered to you by experts. In addition, we have a few recommendations for you: You should control your consumption of “three whites”; white flour, salt and sugar. Instead of these, you should consume more fibrous foods and try such as parsley, artichoke, quinoa and basil. You can equip your dinner plates with vegetables and fruits whose colors and smells you love. This will also affect you psychologically positively. Consuming at least two liters of water every day will be very good for your body. You should not be in a hurry while eating. Thus, your digestion will be easier and you will also help your digestive system.

2. Power Factor

No matter what sport you do, including Outdoor Fitness or Calisthenics, the “Power Factor” is the most important factor after nutrition. If you are not strong besides eating well, you may have a hard time doing sports. That’s why you should be strong! That doesn’t mean lifting hundreds of pounds of dumbbells in the gym or at home. Especially just like in Calisthenics, it means expanding the limits of what your body can do to use gravity and your own body weight. In order to get stronger in the right way, you should know your muscle groups well and check which exercise strengthens which muscle group. You can visit our website (www.saysu.de) to find out which muscle groups Saysu Outdoor Fitness products work on.

3. Body Condition Factor

When we come to the step of “Body Conditioning Factor”, both the current condition of your body, namely your condition, and whether your body is suitable for the condition required by the sport you plan to do should be considered. For example, even if you think that your body’s muscle structure and condition are suitable for Calisthenics, a weakness especially in your joints and that you cannot notice in daily life can cause a serious disability. In addition, even if you think that all your muscles are suitable for sports, if your heart and lung muscles are not strong enough in the first place, you may still encounter dangerous situations or situations such as getting tired very quickly. For this, our advice will be to consult a specialist before starting sports. After these, before you start doing your sports, you should definitely consider the details we mentioned in other factors and you should not miss the warm-up movements.

4. Behavioral and Mental Stamina Factor

Whether you are interested in Outdoor Fitness or Calisthenics, if you do not do the sport you do with a certain discipline, after a while you will start to slack off and create excuses for yourself to avoid doing sports. This will bring with it the feeling of failure for a while and will push you to unhealthy. Therefore, another important factor is the “Behavioral and Mental Stamina Factor” while doing sports.

You can start by setting small goals for yourself in order to exhibit the right attitude in this matter and to deceive your mind a little. As your mind realizes the goals it has set, the feeling of success will become stronger and its endurance to achieve different goals will increase with the ego satisfaction experienced.

5. Body Coordination and Reflex Factor

We can help our brain to use our skeletal muscles and central nervous system more effectively with the “Body Coordination and Reflex Factor”, a factor that has been formed since our infancy and can be continuously improved. This is the factor that enables us to navigate between modules with the power and acceleration we get from one arm in a Calisthenics Anlage, and has an effect on our hands and feet working in harmony in an Outdoor Fitnessgerät. So how can we improve this factor? We should not forget that our brain likes to be surprised and enjoys innovations. For this reason, we can improve ourselves in this area with a few simple exercises while doing our daily work. For example; We can do balancing exercises on one leg. Did your body get used to it too easily? So, while trying to balance on one foot, try brushing your teeth with the hand you don’t usually use. Are you used to this too, so try to bounce a small plastic ball off the wall and catch it while brushing your teeth. Surprise your mind with your creativity and take yourself one step further in the „Body Coordination and Reflex Factor“.

6. Perpetual Motion Factor

It should be remembered that your body not only likes to move, but also needs it. Sitting constantly at an office desk all day, then getting in your car 50 steps ahead, traveling by sitting in your car for half an hour, sitting in front of the TV at home and turning this inactivity into a routine is one of the worst things you can do to your body. You shouldn’t do this to yourself. Before you get into a sitting position, you may even think about when you’re going to stand up again. For example, getting up every 20 minutes and doing light back, shoulder and neck exercises and stretching your waist will provide a very positive benefit for your joints and blood circulation. While actively applying the “Continuous Motion Factor”, you should not avoid surprising your body, just like the “Body Coordination and Reflex Factor”. For example, while emptying your dishwasher at home, you can always stand on the other side of the machine and use your left hand instead of your right hand.

7. Continuity Factor

If we analyze all these factors and gather them under a single title, we can say that the most important factor for your health is the “Continuity Factor”. Unless there is continuity and you do not convince yourself of the necessity of this, after a while, you may become lazy, change your habits in a negative way, and eventually cause your health to be adversely affected. For this reason, at the very beginning of each step, you should motivate yourself to ensure its continuity and make yourself accept it. As you ensure continuity and see the developments in yourself, you will realize the positive effect of all factors on your life.

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