We wouldn’t be wrong if we say that one of the biggest changes that the Covid-19 pandemic has brought to our lives is spending more time in our homes than in the past. This naturally caused us to move less, the muscle mass in our bodies to decrease and the fat mass to increase, and various health problems to occur. If we look at the issue from the positive side, we have learned how negative it is to stay inactive and closed environments all the time.

Although we are still responsible for taking precautions and complying with legal obligations, we can accept that the pandemic is slowly losing its impact. As such, social events and activities began to be the same as before. One of the most popular activities is, of course, doing sports, and many sports facilities and associations, small and large, met with great interest. In addition to all these, the number of people who no longer want to do sports indoors, due to the effect of Covid-19, has increased considerably compared to the past. There are many reasons for this, but the first reason is the question of how well indoor spaces can meet the ventilation and hygiene requirements. Sports fans, who cannot find a satisfactory answer, turn to outdoor fitness and calisthenics fields.

So what is this outdoor fitness? Can everyone do outdoor fitness? What movements can be done with the Outdoor Fitnessgeräte? Let’s try to answer these questions.

When it comes to Outdoor Fitness, the images that come to mind may be old people trying to exercise on a few metal-bodied sports equipment, according to some, young people pushing the limits of their body resistance on some steel platforms, and children jumping on the equipment and having fun, according to others. In fact, the roots of this sport go back to 19th century Germany as we know it. Later, it was carried further with the techniques developed for military training and turned into a large commercial industry covering the whole world by the beginning of the 2000s. Outdoor Fitness and Calisthenics parks, whose numbers are increasing day by day in connection with the population growth rate, have become a frequent destination for all sports lovers, especially after the pandemic. As we mentioned at the beginning of the paragraph, outdoor fitness can be done by anyone, but there are two important prerequisites. First of all, it is very important for the person who will do the sport to check the doctor and get his advice. Thus, unwanted injuries or diseases are prevented. In addition, you should not forget the warm-up exercises for the sports you will do. The second prerequisite is that the children must do sports under the supervision of the family and as indicated on the warning sign of the relevant sports equipment. Not every tool is suitable for children, and activities performed without family supervision may result in serious adverse consequences. With Outdoor Fitnessgeräte and Calisthenicsanlage, you can do many different types of movements, especially using your own body weight, and effectively train all of your body’s muscle mass.

What are the advantages of Outdoor Fitness and Calisthenics Parks?

As stated at the beginning of our article, moving is one of the most important factors for human health and our body needs it. While doing sports is a useful activity in itself, doing it outdoors makes it more enjoyable and also a healthier exercise for the human body in the fresh air. Besides all this, outdoor fitness and calisthenics have many other advantages:

– Outdoor Fitness and Calisthenics places are easily accessible and free of charge, as they are usually located in parks or public places.

– Especially with the effect of being in the open air; It improves your mood, helps reduce the risk of depression and anxiety, and improves your sleep quality.

– Facilities where you can do outdoor sports simultaneously with your loved ones, friends or other participants in your community. They are areas where the whole family can spend time together, as there are children’s playgrounds near most of them.

– They are unique socialization areas especially for advanced age groups. Outdoor fitness sports fans of advanced age not only socialize, but also reduce the risks of obesity, cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes and some cancers.

As a result, outdoor fitness and calisthenics add movement to your life outdoors and has many advantages. You can also check here to see the nearest outdoor fitness and/or calisthenics park.