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We bring movement into your life ...

The german based company SAYSU® is focused on the development, manufacturing and distribution of outdoor fitness equipment.

Our latest developed movement items are specially adapted to the wishes of the people. They have the possibility to get exercise in the nature, to communicate and to feel well. In addition their circulation gets going playfully, the muscles will be persuaded, coordinated and released.

We aim at offering you products of highest quality and with scientific background which extend more flexibility and efficicency to the users. Also improving their condition and keeping them in shape and even enhance their health.

We are pleased to have a share in the peoples health and to encourage even lazy people to be more physically active. But we also know that besides all idealistic aspects, also economic considerations support the use of SAYSU® outdoor fitness equipment. It is a sign of success, that SAYSU® outdoor fitness equipment has such an enormous demand.

Besides reducing the costs of illness, there is the enhancement of attractiveness for example in the field of tourism.

Our Team is looking forward to meet you!